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About Me Hadis Komasi

I am Hadis Komasi. I was born in the 29th day of spring, 1365 (1985) in Boroujerd, Iran. As I was interested in drawing, I started learning it in an atelier in my home town when I was thirteen. In 1384 (2007), I was accepted in Firdausi art university of Mashhad as a sculpture student . I graduated in 1389 (2010) and my proposal for receiving my BA degree was about "form and concept". In my last years of my university studies, I cooperated with schools reconstruction organization in Tehran and Mazandaran for designing and implementing relief of some school buildings. After receiving BA, I joined the Iranian sculptors' association and participated in some group exhibitions in Iran. In 1393 (2014), I was elected to participate in the main part of the sixth international stone symposium of Tehran. I built a stone sculpture in that symposium and now  it is exhibited in "Melat" park in Tehran. In the same year, one of my works was exhibited in the fourth biennial urbane sculpture exhibition of Tehran. Besides, I made and installed a statue for Nowruz in Karaj. Afterwards, I participated in the national stone symposium of Tabriz in 1394 (2015), and made my second stone sculpture.

In recent years, I was busy with studying, drawing and making sculptures for my personal collection in my personal atelier. I've spent much time on teaching drawing and techniques of building sculptures through setting up workshops and short training courses, as well.

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