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Sculpture | Hadis Komasi Abilities

 Since 1384 (2005), I started learning sculpture in Art University where I could learn sketching, making sculptures and relief, applying various techniques and using different materials. Moreover, I became familiar with different sculpture styles around the world and most of my works are in abstract domain. Actually, I'm really interested in abstract form and sketch to express my feelings and concepts. Because I do believe that an abstract work can directly communicate with human soul and unconscious mind away from social concepts.

Interior Design | Hadis Komasi Abilities

Being acquainted with sculpture, I became interested in designing interior space too, so during university studies, I participated in some related courses and had free studies, as well. during recent years, I have done some works such as designing and rebuilding interior space of houses and offices, designing and making accessories like Fiberglas vases, metal and glass tables, drawing pictures and high relief, chandeliers, and floor lamps.

Graphic | Hadis Komasi Abilities

Before studying sculpture, I have studied graphic for three years and at the same time, worked in this area and I have never abandoned graphic drawing. Actually, Beside different working occasions being interested in designing badges, paved the way for me to continue working in this area. My works consisted of designing badges, official sets and organizational entity of companies and meetings.  

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